The Last Two Weeks

27 07 2008

Every Friday, I present Friday Night’s Nightlink on Phantom 105.2 in Dublin and

Here’s the playlist for Fri July 25th. The ‘Under The Radar’ album was ‘Hawaii’ by The High Llama’s.

Flying Lotus – Beginner’s Falafel
Story of Hair – Big Melt
She & Him – Sweet Darlin’
Daemian Frost – Ya Basta
Glen Campbell – Guess I’m Dumb
Subtle – The No
Tricky – Far Away
Johnny Foreigner – Salt, Pepper & Spinderella
David Bowie – Fantastic Voyage
Primal Scream – Beautiful Summer
High Llamas – Ill-fitting Suits
The Accidental – Knock, Knock
David Turpin – Melody of the Plains
Rollers/Sparkers – The Work of The Human Hand
Polar Bear – Tomlovesalicelovestom
Black Affair – Reel To Reel
Fleet Foxes – Blue Ridge Mountains
High Llamas – Nomads
Jape – Strike Me Down
The Move – I can hear the grass grow
Oxford Collapse – A Wedding
Beck ft. Cat Power – Walls
Elf Power – A Tired Army
Subplots – All the rats were overground
High Llamas – Tides
Wild Beasts – His Grinning Skull
Jeremy Warmsley – Lose My Cool
House of Love – Christine
The Rascals – Freakbeat Phantom
Paul Weller – Black River



And here’s The Playlist for July 18th. The ‘Under The Radar’ album was ‘Still Bill’ by Bill Withers.
Ladyhawke – Paris is Burning
Fight Like Apes – Knucklehead
Rollers/Sparkers – CIE Action Figures
White Denim – I Can Tell
MIA – Paper Planes
Leila – Time To Blow
Wild Beasts – She purred while I grred
Ratatat – Shempi
Bow Wow Wow – C30 C60 C90
Dry County – Stop, Proceed (Expert Remix)
Bill Withers – Lonely Town, Lonely Street
Story Of Hair – Big Melt
The Week That Was – Scratch The Surface
CSS – Beautiful Song
Sigur Ros – Vid Spilum Endelaust
The Dudley Corporation – The Lens Begin
Bill Withers – Lean On Me
Daedelus – Drummery Jam
Port O’Brien – Fisherman’s Son
Santogold & Diplo – Guns of Brixton
Mogwai – The Sun Smells Too Loud
Problums meets Stab Daggers – Heist Dub
Fleet Foxes – Quiet Houses
Bill Withers – Use Me
Beck – Gamma Ray
Shugo Tokumaru – Parachute
The Dodo’s – Fools
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Swinging Hawaii

2 Playlists I didn’t get around to posting

18 07 2008

I’ve been off the air for the last few weeks but I’ll be back tonight at Midnight BST on Phantom 105.2 and with loads of new stuff and 3 tracks from Bill Withers’ ‘Still Bill’ album. Here are some playlists I never got around to posting…

Playlist for 20 June 2008

The ‘Under The Radar’ album was Jilted John’s ‘True Love Stories’

Jilted John

Jilted John

Jape – Apple in an Orchard
El Perro Del Mar – Into The Sunshine
Black Affair – Subfuge
Grand Pocket Orchestra – Little Messy
James Brown – Night Train
Sigur Ros – Vidf spilum endalaust
Fight Like Apes – Something Global
Dudley Corporation – Holy Wars
XTC – Making Plans For Nigel
Leila – Little Acorns
Jilted John – Going Steady
The Dodo’s – Walking
The vinny Club – Tech Noir Grand Re-opening
So Cow – Halcyon Days
MIA – Paper Planes (DFA Remix)
Daedelus – Drummery Jam
The Week That Was – Scratch The Surface
Jilted John – Karen’s Letter
Daniel Johnson – Walking The Cow
Silver Jews – Suffering Jukebox
Kaki King – Pull Me Out Alive
My Brightest Diamond – If I Were Queen
Centro-Matic – Strychnine, Breathless Ways
White Denim – Shake Shake Shake
Jilted John – Jilted John
Port O’ Brien – Close The Lid
Fleet Foxes – Sun Giant
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Satan Said Dance
Dry County – Attention
Halves – The Lamp Dies…A Sleeping Circuit Wakes


Playlist for 27 June 2008

The ‘Under The Radar’ album was ‘Isn’t Anything’ by My Bloody Valentine

Fight Like Apes – Something Global
Santogold – Unstoppable
Subtle – Exiting Arm
Lykke Li – Breaking It Up
Cylob – Rewind
Jeff Martin – Balancing Act
Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
Tricky – Council Estate
The Go-Go’s – We Got The Beat
Flying Lotus – Beginners Falafel
My Bloody Valentine – Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)
Get Well Soon – Prelude
Leila – The Exotics
David Turpin – White Lemonade
Animal Collective – Cobwebs
Albert Hammond Jr. – Bargain of the Century
Black Affair – Just Keep Walking
My Bloody Valentine – Feed Me With Your Kiss
The Jimmy Cake – Jetta’s Palace
The Dodo’s – Winter
Jimmy Cliff – The Harder They Come
Sigur Ros – Inni Mer Syngur vitleysingur
Late Of The Pier – Focker
My Brightest Diamond – Apples
My Bloody Valentine – (When You Wake) You’re Still In A Dream
Chris Letcher – Parker
Portishead – Plastic
The Shangri-La’s – You Can Never Go Home Anymore
Wolf Parade – The Grey Estates

Playlist for Friday 13th June 2008

17 06 2008

Here’s last Friday’s playlist for my show on and Phantom 105.2 in Dublin at Midnight. The ‘Under The Radar’ album was:



TRICKY – Council Estate
NOTWIST – Gravity
LEILA ft. TERRY HALL – Time To Blow
THROWING MUSES – Counting Backwards
EDDIE COCHRAN – Summertime Blues

LADYTRON – Deep Blue
CAP PAS CAP v PROBLUMS – Cap Pas Cap v Problums
CSS – Left Behind
SUBTLE – Unlikely Rock Shock
GRANDADDY – Summer Here Kids

LADYHAWKE – Paris is Burning
BROKEN RECORDS – If the news makes you sad, don’t watch it

THE B-52s – Rock Lobster
THE RAPTURE – No Sex For Ben
WILD BEASTS – The Devil’s Crayon
UGLY MEGAN – The High Life (Check that ass out)
ADEM – Unravel

Radiohead do Portishead’s ‘The Rip’

10 06 2008

I didn’t manage to see Radiohead at the weekend (A moral choice. I refuse to pay for overpriced tickets) and have heard very mixed reports but instead, here’s a great clip of Radiohead covering my favourite track (‘The Rip’) off the excellent new Portishead album (Third). True, it doesn’t have the deadly synth bit that’s on the original but still, well worth checking out.

Lykke Li – I’m Good, I’m Gone (acoustic session)

9 06 2008

I wasn’t sure about Lykke Li initially and I still haven’t heard the album in full but I’ve definitely come around to realising that the singles are pretty smashing. Here’s an acoustic version of her current single, ‘Im Good, I’m Gone’ featuring a toy piano and an accordian and one Ms. Li looking rather restricted perched atop a stool. I’ve a feeling this is another song destined to be in those end of year ‘best of’ lists.

Liverpool – Eric’s Club

8 06 2008

I’ve been cocking an ear to this BBC radio documentary about Eric’s Club and the Liverpool Music scene in the late 70’s and Early 80’s. It’s one of those oft-overlooked scenes, responsible for introducing the world to the likes of Teardrop Explodes, Echo & The Bunnymen, OMD, Pete Wylie and his various Wah! incarnations, Holly Johnson, Ian Broudie, Pete Burns, Bill Drummond amongst others. Apparently, there was a recent TV documentary about Eric’s Club on BBC Four (I think) which I unfortunately missed – though there was a Rock Family Tree episode about it in the late nineties. Also, Julian Cope’s ‘Head On’ book goes into great detail about that period which seemed to mainly consist of a load of gobby fuckers, pretty much all of whom hate Julian Cope. His book is a wonderful read, by the way, which along with the sequel ‘Repossessed’ are a fascinating insight into something – probably just the mad world of Julian Cope’s head rather than any musical insight-type shit. And if you ever geta chance to read Bill Drummond of The KLF’s book, 45, it’s another damn good read and he also tells some amusing stories about those times.

The Teardrops and The Bunnymen are my favourites of all those Liverpudlian groups (though OMD’s ‘Dazzle Ships’ is a terriffic record). Click here to listen to the BBC radio documentary and I’ve included three videos below – one of The Teardrop Explodes doing ‘Ha, Ha I’m Drowning’, a Tube-version of ‘The Bunnymen doing The Killing Moon’ featuring Ian McCullough with an extremely dodgy haircut and one of OMD reminiscing about Eric’s.

Barringtone – Snake in the Grass

8 06 2008

Here’s the debut single for Barringtone, which is a new off-shoot from ill-fated popsters (Copyright Smash Hits), Clor. It’s off-kilter, bendy, disorienting and reminds me a bit of a poppier version of The Cardiacs. Although I’m sure Cardiac fans would strongly disagree with me about that…