Phil Collins vs. Def Leppard: Who is worse?

8 11 2007

Def Leppard in happier timesPhil Collins is responsible for singing songs about how terrible it must be to be homeless, probably recorded in a forty-two bed mansion while Champagne was dripfed into his coagulated veins and gold-clad women fed him caviar-dipped grapes.

Def Leppard have songs about their wish to be sugar-coated and sing lyrics like “Cry wolf, given mouth to mouth, Like a movin’ heartbeat in the witching hour I’m runnin’ with the wind”.
Both pay Nicky Clarke to be their full-time hairdresser. Which is difficult for him as it means he has to resort to double-jobbing.

Phil Collins has recently morphed into a gorilla.

None of Def Leppard, as far as I know, have morphed into any form of animal as they are too busy recording their new album, Dyslexia.

Phil Collins has, to be fair, played drums on some decent records (see ‘Another Green World’). But that’s probably just coincidental.

Def Leppard have never been involved in any decent records, although you have to hand it to their drummer.

Result: Def Leppard win the contest of being more abysmal than Phil Collins.
Well done Def Leppard. Your chariot awaits.




3 responses

18 02 2008

why would you go and say so much bad stuff about a band – DYSLEXIA – that is cold, mean, and unforgiving. i dont like you

18 02 2008

Well, they’re not very good at spelling, are they?

8 05 2008

So before you go ragging on how “bad” of one of todays most successful musicians and a LEGENDARY band, get ALL your facts straight mmmk? Almost every musician that got big went through hard times. I bet you, sir, have never experienced the harsh road of a musician. I bet you went to college and sit in your office (or even the comfort of your own home) typing and doing your little computer job, making nothing of your life. but hey thats just an assumption of mine, am i wrong? And Def Leppard is an amazing band and have had several very successful records. You sound like you are 12, by the way, not only from your poor writing skills, but when you try to make fun of a song they sing; especially when that song was and STILL is an iconic song of that time period. So basically what im getting at is, why dont you keep your rude comments to yourself. No need to be jerk about all this. When you do that you get fans and others really pissed off. Its fine to disagree, but dont be ass about it.

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