Efterklang – Mirador

9 11 2007

It took me a while to get Efterklang. I was given a copy of ‘Under Giant Trees’ and didn’t get it on first listen. I just stared at all the nice colourful prints that came with it while the music passed me by. I only returned to it a few months later, late at night and tired of eyes, and suddenly it made sense. They have a real knack of slowly uncovering a song to the listener, in the most gentle way. But it turns out Giant Trees’ not only has beautiful artwork – it’s a cracker as well . Their new album, ‘Parades’ hasn’t grabbed me as much as ‘Under Giant Trees’ but I don’t expect to make sense of it until sometime in late January, while standing at a bus stop in the dark.

They play Whelans on November 28th with an eight piece band. I’ve noticed more and more gigs being sold by using the amount of people in the band as a reason as to why you should go to the gig. I don’t go to church to see a 24 piece folk choir,now do I? However, in saying that, there’s a good chance the Whelans gig will be rather special.

Check out the video for the track ‘Mirador’. It’s a trippy Yellow Submarinesque animation promo but is rather damn fantastic.




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