Battles on Jools Holland

12 11 2007

Here’s Battles’ perfomance of ‘Atlas’ from Jools Holland the other night. I still think their album, ‘Mirrored’, isn’t as good as everyone is making it out to be. Interesting, definitely. Exciting, sometimes. Tuneful, occasionally. But certainly not the innovative genre-defying album that it seems to have been unanimously hailed as. Despite that, I still think ‘Atlas’ is one of the tunes of the year.




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18 11 2007

i completely agree with the above. Never has an album that’s had so much praise heaped on it left me so cold and underwhelmed. Emperor’s new clothes?

28 11 2007

Heard this before all the hype so still think the album is good-they were great in Tripod and I love the Tonto video. However the TV spots they had on BBC- Jools Holland and some other show/festival I cant remember have not been good at all.

11 12 2007
james cowdery

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