New Joanna Newsom Song

13 11 2007

Here’s a new track by Joanna Newsom which was being called ‘Easme’ on the internet but when she performed it the other night at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, she announced that , contrary to popular belief it is as yet untitled and, “I don’t intend to give it a name until I’m good and ready”. 

It’s certainly not a million miles away from the sound of her excellent album of last year, ‘Ys’ (my favourite album of 2006, I thnk). The first half of the concert in LA was with a full orchestra and involved her playing the entire ‘Ys’ record in order.

The performance above was recorded a month earlier in Brazil but bodes well for the next record. I can’t wait…




2 responses

7 01 2008
Caleb Turner

Absolutely beautiful. I adore Joanna Newsom. And I’ll have to agree with you on “Ys” being the best of 2006.

4 02 2008

I concur.

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