Playlist for Friday 16/11/07 (Technically Sat 17/11/07)

17 11 2007

This is the playlist for my show last night at Midnight on Phantom 105.2 or It’s on every Friday night at Midnight (so technically it’s a Saturday). I play mostly new music with some oldies thrown in  and every week there’s a featured ‘Under The Radar’ album. This week it was:



Correcto – Joni
Les Savy Fav – Raging in the Plague Age
Jeffrey Lewis – Do They Owe Us A Living?
My Bloody Valentine – Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)
Wild Beasts – Assembly
Future of the Left – Suddenly, it’s a folk song
Terrordactyl – Hikikomori
Menomena – Weird
The Teardrop Explodes – Reward (BBC Session version) [VIDEO BELOW]

Psapp – Rear Moth
Frank Sinatra – She Says
The Royal We – That Ain’t My Sweet Love
The Cats – Swan Lake
Jape – Young Man
Caribou – She’s The One (Hot Chip Remix)
Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen
O’Death – Down To Rest [VIDEO BELOW]

Grizzly Bear – Shift (Alternate Version)
Little Anthony & The Imperials – Can You Imagine
Frank Sinatra – Goodbye (She Quietly Says)
Liars – Houseclouds
Large Mound – I hate all my friends
Poppy & The Jezebels – The Lips of Cleopatra
Black Box Recorder – Child Psychology
Frank Sinatra – Michael & Peter
Dry County – Another Idea
Johann Johannson – Odi et Amo [LIVE PERFORMANCE BELOW]

New Order – Regret
Tim Gane/Sean O’Hagan – Ecrivain ou Professeur?




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