PJ Harvey on Later! with Jools Holland

18 11 2007

Last week, I posted PJ doing ‘The Piano’ on guitar. This week, it’s PJ Harvey doing ‘Silence’ on piano. Obviously, the titles are there just to confuse you. This was taken from her performance the other night on Jools Holland. Thankfully, Jools doesn’t try to lend a hand with some boogie-woogie keyboarding.

This, obviously, is fantastic.

And nice dress, Polly.




3 responses

1 12 2007

Thanks my sister, for playing such a beautiful song about such a sad love story. We all had our share of that in life I guess, and when you sing it, maybe the pain will slowly disappear.

Love you PJ, Magika

7 12 2007

Amazing solo performance, love the harmonica as well. It’s a shame Jools didn’t take the time to chat to her. I find it fascinating how she crafts each album, it is really interesting to hear her talk about how the album was put together, deciding to put herself in an uncomfortable position and attempt to write an album on an instrument she had never played. I would have thought Jools would have had something to say about that. Shame but a real stand out performance nonetheless

7 12 2007

Ha- you’re famous with BBC now as well- followed the link to you from here:
Don’t think he liked the comment I had about one of the episodes so no linky for me.

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