New Cap Pas Cap Video – Said Say It

19 11 2007

Here’s the new video for ‘Said Say It’ by Cap Pas Cap – only a year late. This is their ‘cowbell tune’ from last year’s ‘Not Not Fine’ EP. It’s a shame it’s taking them so long to release new material. Hopefully, 2008 will offer up a debut album. This video looks distinctly like the kind of video that would apear on The Indie Chart on ITV’s The Chart Show in the early 90’s. When I was growing up I used to live for that 5 minute chart that they showed every third week as it was about the only place that I’d get to see any of the videos of the music I was into. When it was coming to the part where they showed the specialised Top Ten, I’d be on the edge of my seat hoping it wasn’t the Rock/Metal Top Ten. Different times indeed.

You can also click here for “new track”, ‘Not Not Got Made’ which will feature on their forthcoming split 7″ with Marnie Stern. It’s basically a reworking of ‘Not Not is Fine’ from last year’s EP. 




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