In The Last Two Days…Britney, Elvis and Sandy Toksvig

23 11 2007

In the last two days, I have been trying to shake a pounding head, which finally seems to have disappeared and life doesn’t seem too bad again. In that time:

I dreamt I had written a new single for Britney Spears (The chorus went, “I want you to dismiss me” – it was annoyingly catchy. The video would feature her waving her finger in a negative fashion as she delivered the chorus line.)

Listened to a large pile of new music that came my way only to be completely meh’ed out by the lot of them.

Had my first Christmassy moment and realised the festive period is upon us as I got caught by the sparkles of all the dazzley lights on Grafton Street.

Noticed that my blog has been mentioned on a few sites, including Derek Byrne’s Album Archive, Aoife Mc’s Indie Hour and on the BBC Later! Site, which is very nice.

Read through all The Guardian’s 1000 albums I had to hear before I died. To be fair, it’s a pretty good list. Lots of excellent stuff there including some fairly obscure gems (Bergen White, Margo Guryan, Paul Williams, The Neon Philharmonic, Roger Nichols & The Small Circle of Friends amongst others). It also reminded me of albums I’ve been meaning to hear for years (‘Slaughter on 10th Avenue’ by Mick Ronson, ‘Stormcock’ by Roy Harper, Suicide’s ‘Suicide’) and mentioned a few albums that I’m now intrigued to hear (Yellow Magic Orchestra’s ‘Solid State Survivor’, Lieutenant Pigeon’s ‘Mouldy Old Music’).

I also dreamt that I was playing wordgames over afternoon tea with Sandy Toksvig and Jarvis Cocker.

Found a copy of an Elvis Presley song I’ve been looking for (in a studio recording) on vinyl for years. Finally got one yesterday. ‘Patch It Up’. Deadly stuff. See the clip below and you’ll see why I wanted it so much. I also discovered that the horns and strings on it are arranged by the above-mentioned Bergen White, whose ‘For Women Only’ album is one of my favourites ever.




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