The Worst Album Ever?

25 11 2007

Never Mind The Panpipes

You probably didn’t know what was missing in your life until now. That’s right – Panpipe cover versions of indie “classics” by the likes of Coldplay, Keane and Snow Patrol.

Really, who buys this shit? I got sent this last week and it truly is the most vile thing I’ve ever had the misfortune of hearing. Shittily played versions of (mostly) dreadful songs on the worst musical instrument ever known to man. It’s only purpose must surely be for use as torture. I would rather listen to the new Westlife album while getting shat on by a goat than listen to this muck.




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26 11 2007
Jim Dubh

*Scoff* I thought that this was a music blog! 🙂

26 11 2007

Incredible. This must be my worst nightmare, because “Who buys this shit?” would be my question to the likes of the ORIGINAL versions by such insipid acts as Coldplay and Keane, so to here them further butchered into oblivion, my god…just think how many state secrets would have been given up during the war if the Germans had had this at their disposal..
“Tell me where your battlesheeps are NOW Auslander! Or ve vill play you..ZE PAN PIPES!!! ((((Maniacal Bavarian Laughter)))))

26 11 2007

Yeah I heard bits of that on the news bulletin, it sounds like an album worth of pure wank polyphonic ringtones.

As bad as the cover suggests I’d imagine..

3 12 2007
messiah j

i think bagpipes run panpipes close. honorable mention to the saw, eh colm?

5 12 2007

Lighten up. it’s like a joke! like post modern. funny. geddit. like whatever…

6 12 2007

I agree with Tom. I think the joke is on you as you can’t see it’s a tongue in cheek album. Lighten up blogman!!

6 12 2007

I have no problem with jokes, post-modernism or tongues in cheek. I love ‘Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah’ and ‘They’re Coming to Take Me Away Haha HeeHee’ but this album is a very large sack of brown. Believe me, I’ve heard it.

23 12 2007

Ha-just heard this on Pearl’s show on Phantom! Hope she got it as a Kris Kindle and that you didn’t give it to her as a present!

5 07 2008

What the hell is wrong with all you shower of moaners? This album puts a smile on my face everytime I hear it. Bought it as a joke for my friends birthday and ended up buying a copy for myself. Its especially good blaring out my car window while stuck in traffic. Gets lots of thumbs up from passers buy. Lighten up and have a bit of fun!

28 11 2009

As utterly, completely and outrageously worthless this is as a piece of music history – it really is utter dung – I can’t help but smile when I hear it.

It really is so utterly shite, it’s as funny as f**k!

Trés bon!

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