My Toys Like Me

26 11 2007

Here’s a couple of videos showing two very different sides of a band I’ve just come across lately called My Toys Like Me. The track which alerted me to them was a song caled ‘Sick Couple’ which you can hear on their Myspace site. ‘Sick Couple’ reminds me of Tricky when he was good – it’s got that same late night smokey drawl which many acts have tried to replicate but few do very well.

What I find intriguing about My Toys Like Me is that all of their songs sound like very different bands. ‘Barnaby’, which is the first video above is a warped helium psych-electronic nursery rhyme, a description which will only make sense when you hear it. The song for the second video (Title Unknown) is the total opposite to that – a glorious acoustic beaut. Which all adds up to me as a band to watch.




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