The White Stripes – Conquest

28 11 2007

The White Stripes are a band that divide me. I like them when they write pop songs. I’m not so keen on them when they turn into Led Zeppelin. Most of ‘Icky Thump’ did nothing for me, apart from two stand-out songs – ‘Rag and Bone’ and ‘Conquest’. I think these songs stood out due to their ridiculousness, their cheeky sense of humour  and the fact that a band of their stature has the balls to release such bizarre songs. So, it’s nice to see that The White Stripes have plumped for ‘Conquest’ as their new single and made an amusing video to go with it. The video contains [Note: Spoilers Ahead] a yawning Meg, a Spanish horn section, a crying cow and a dying Jack White. 

What’s great about this song is that it couldn’t be any other band. It certainly couldn’t be the dirgeful Raconteurs. It’s playful, surprising and not of its’ time. The song also contains some very odd squealing noises, which appeals to me. I like a band with a sense of humour, which this song and video proves they have in spades. I just wish they would make a consistently good record.




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