Robert Wyatt Interview

12 12 2007

There’s an interview with Robert Wyatt on Tuesday’s episode of John Kelly’s The JK Ensemble on Lyric FM. You can listen to it here. Just click on Tuesday’s show. Robert Wyatt has always struck me as a real gentlemen and this is confirmed by John Kelly’s interview with him. There are some great facts uncovered like the telling of his time as a model! 

His new album, ‘Comicopera’ is a bit hit and miss for me but the highpoints certainly outweigh the lulls and the good tracks sometimes verge on greatness. He has always appeared to me as one of those rare musical eccentrics – always out on their own, completely oblivious to the rest of the music world, chucking out records every couple of years. And even though the quality of those records may not have always been consistent, they’re always worth a listen. And ‘Comicopera’ is that and more. And also, he’s one of the few artists dealing with what’s actually going on in the world these days without being heavy-handed about it.

I’ve included some old footage of him above performing ‘Sea Song’, which is totally captivating. And I love the line, “Your madness fits in nicely with my own”. 




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