The Choice Music Prize 2008 Predictions

8 01 2008

The ten nominees for the Choice Music Prize for the Best Irish album of 2007 are announced tomorrow (Wednesday Jan 9th) and take place on February 27th in Vicar Street. Personally, I think there were lots of great Irish tracks this year and some excellent EP’s but I don’t think there were many standout albums. But I’ve made a list of what I think may well be the shortlist. Last year, I made a list beforehand and guessed 8 out of the ten nominees (I didn’t have Snow Patrol and, the eventual winner, The Divine Comedy). Because there are fewer standout albums this year, I feel less sure about my chosen ten this time around. There are actually about 20 albums that could all easily be on the list. I left off some of the more mainstram acts (Paddy Casey, Sinead O’Connor, Damien O’Rourke, Damien Dempsey) because none of these releases seemed to garner much interest or hype. I haven’t even included one of my two favourite Irish albums of the year – ‘These Truly Are End Times’ by So Cow as I think it is probably a little too far off most people’s radar and I think Nina Hynes’ album should be on there but I have a hunch that it won’t be. And I have included records that I would not choose to have on my own personal list but no-one is going to like every record on the list anyway. Ultimately, it depends on who the judges are.

Anyway, here’s my possibly totally incorrect guess at the shortlist:

Cathy Davey

Cathy Davey – ‘Tales of Silversleeve’

Delorentos - In Love with Detail

Delorentos – ‘In Love with Detail’

 Super Extra Bonus Party - ‘Super Extra Bonus Party’

Super Extra Bonus Party – ‘Super Extra Bonus Party’

Roisin Murphy - Overpowered

Róisín Murphy – ‘Overpowered’

Mumblin Deaf Ro - The Herring and the Brine

Mumblin’ Deaf Ro – ‘The Herring and the Brine’

Adrian Crowley - Long Distance Swimmer

Adrian Crowley – Long Distance Swimmer

Dry County - Unexpected Falls

Dry County – Unexpected Falls

Future Kings of Spain - Nervousystem

Future Kings of Spain – Nervousystem

The Flaws - Achieving Vagueness

The Flaws – Achieving Vagueness

Hooray For Humans - Safekeeping

Hooray For Humans – Safekeeping



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8 01 2008
nialler9 - Music/Mp3 Blog » Blog Archive » Choice Music Prize predictions

[…] ordered from my most likely albums to be nominated with a couple of wildcards towards the end. Like Shane, there are about 10 other albums which could be in the running. If you feel like an educated guess, […]

8 01 2008

My thoughts exactly, would love to see Mumblin’ Deaf Ro on there.

8 01 2008

I’d have to agree with most of those too Shane – and it is hard to know as it depends on the judges at the end of the day. I too loved So Cow’s album – although I think it was technically released in 2006? But you’re right, it may have been too off the radar anyway. I love the impressionable teens tune. Great album all round.
It’ll be interesting to see the complete list tomorrow!

8 01 2008
So Cow

hey shane
well thanks very much for the props. i would very much doubt i’ll make the list but hopefully will do it in 09 with the new album!
and howdy to aoife mc! extremely interesting saudi article on the wordpress. the album’s official release date is february 2007. it was manufactured in late january and was pretty much out as soon as they were delivered. ^^

9 01 2008

The thing about the list is that it can throw up some very interesting surprises – julie feeney’s album was fairly obscure prior to the choice awards -if a few people mark an album highly on their list, there’s a chance of making the shortlist. It would be wonderful to see So Cow’s album on there, as it deserves to be, but it seems unlikely. But yeah, Sinead, it would be great to see Mumblin’ Deaf Ro there as he’s quite a talent – unique and totally unlike any other singer/songwriter’s out there.

9 01 2008
Le Catch

I think you might be on to a winning list Shane! Some strong albums there alright!

11 01 2008

Howyeh So Cow! I stand corrected. Thanks for the comments on the saudi blog. And I’m sorry you didn’t make the choice list.
And thank you Shane for letting me communicate to so cow through your blog 🙂
Nearly spot on with the choice list too!

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