The Sonics/The Monks

29 01 2008

So The Sonics have announced a date in the UK on March 21 in The Forum in London. As yet, there has been no date announced for Dublin and I have no idea how likely it is, though it would be great to see them added to the Electric Picnic line-up. The Sonics are one of the few acts that really can claim to be one of the true originators of Punk. Their debut album, ‘Here Are The Sonics’ is a ferocious blast of primal punk. Even the titles of the songs (‘Psycho’, ‘Dirty Robber’, ‘The Witch’) seem totally out of kilter with everything else that was going on in the mid-sixties. The only band that really compare for me is The Monks who similarly, or at least to my eyes and ears, were treading parallel paths. The Monks wore robes, had bits of their heads shaved and sang songs like ‘Shut Up’ and ‘I Hate You’ while The Beatles were singing ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’. And as good as they are, it’s kind of laughable when The Sex Pistols are billed as having invented Punk music considering The Monks and The Sonics were fucking with peoples heads ten years earlier.

Above, you’ll find footage of the reformed Sonics performing ‘Have Love Will Travel’ and superb footage of The Monks doing ‘Complication’ on German TV in 1965 – a video that shows exactly what Youtube is made for.




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