Blog Awards/Phantom 105.2 Tonight

1 02 2008

Em, so somehow I’ve managed to be nominated for best blog and best newcomer in the Irish Blog Awards which is rather cool so thanks to whoever and however that happened. It’s cool to know that there’s some people out there enjoying the nonsense that fills my head. Of course, I’m also on the radio tonight – on and Phantom 105.2 in Dublin presenting Friday Night’s Nightlink and tonight I’ll have new music from Cass McCombs, Lupen Crook, Thao, These New Puritans, Those Dancing Days, The Helio Sequence, Cat Power, Sons & Daughters, Stephen Malkmus & something from the tremendous new Lightspeed Champion album – I must remember to talk again about how great this is – and I’ll also have three songs from this week’s featured ‘Under The Radar’ album which is ‘Born To Be With You’ by Dion.

Here’s a semi-unofficial (??!?) video for C16th  by These New Puritans which I’ll be playing on the show.




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