Aesop Rock

4 02 2008

Aesop Rock

Nialler has a fairly accurate post about Aesop Rock’s gig in Crawdaddy on Saturday night, though I was about halfway back from the stage where the sound is not as good as upstairs but beter than the back of the venue. I thought that the gig suffered musically – this is something to do with a pet hate I have with hip-hop gigs. Actually, I have a few. One is when MC’s depend too much on call and response action with the crowd – Aesop & Rob Sonic just about stayed the right line of this but it was a close call. Their encouragement of the crowd’s ‘Olé, Olé,Olé’ didn’t help though.  But the other pet hate of mine is Hip-Hop artists’ insistence of changing the backing beats of tracks – fine if it improves the track, but for the most part this isn’t the case. For an artist whose lyrics are the key, I felt that Aesop suffered as often his lyrics weren’t intelligible on Saturday night. But the gig still was victorious and hopefully he will keep his promise to return with El-P and the rest of the Def Jux Crew later in the year.




7 responses

4 07 2008

You are a piece of shit. You sound black when you rap.

31 07 2008


7 08 2008

are you fucked in the head, hes an amazing emcee.

21 12 2008
really shitface?

associating rap with skin color… i guess that’s logical in your idiot mind

15 10 2009

You are a dumb ass.

2 02 2010
really shitface #2

yea why is that guy even on this page

17 03 2010
shitface's father

ignore my rascist son. first of all if anything he sounds british with his rap but thats besides the point. he has talent unlike u who can barely rhyme time with dime wishing u can tell time. gtfo

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