Findo Gask/Errors

7 02 2008


Another week, another fantastic single I missed from last year. It came out at the very end of 2007 but I’ve only discovered it this week. The band are Findo Gask from Glasgow and the single is Va Va Va. In three and a bit minutes, the band manage to mix illogical guitar harmonic messiness with a collossal dance monster of a tune in a bizarrely tuneful way. They sound inherently Scottish, both in accent and in general lineage of sound (From Orange Juice to Josef K through to Franz Ferdinand). They have previously released a split single with another Scottish band that I really like – Errors who put out a pretty cool mini album, ‘How Clean is Your Acid House’ a while ago on Mogwai’s Rock Action label. You can listen to Findo Gask’s ‘Va Va Va’ here along with the more ethereal ‘Wrapped in Plastic’ which is also included on the pretty looking 12″. And you can download the Club Mix of Va Va Va from here.

 Findo Gask - Va Va Va

There’s no video for the Findo Gask track but here’s an entrancingly head-melting video for ‘Mr. Milk’ by the aforementioned Errors.




4 responses

9 02 2008

Love that Findo Gask tune Va Va Va- stuck in the head from the first listen!

11 02 2008

Yeah, it was exactly the same for me. Totally got me hooked straight away. Minutes later, I was on a website doing some purchasing…

11 02 2008

Aye thought about ordering it but only released in vinyl…might just be worth getting a new record player to listen to it though!

18 02 2008
When the music won’t let you go « TenaciousT

[…] a bad song or a tune I can’t remember but in fact it’s a great song that I heard from Shane’s blog called Va Va Va by a Scottish group called Findo Gask.  I am a sucker for high pitched […]

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