Late Of The Pier – The Bears Are Coming

8 02 2008

 Late of The Pier

Below you will find the video for the forthcoming single by Late Of The Pier (‘The Bears Are Coming’) who have recently signed to Parlophone Records. It’s a strange signing as I can’t see them becoming a big breakthrough band. And while they may have been signed with the intention of getting “the next Klaxons”, Late of The Pier are another beast entirely. Late of the Pier resurrect memories of Gary Numan and Roxy Music but with this song, they mostly remind me of none other than Sweep -best friend of Sooty.

Sweep I think I can safely say I have never compared a band to a squeaking puppet before but Late of the Pier, for all their influences, certainly seem like a unique band. Their live shows see them donning odd shaped drawings on their naked bodies while they randomly bang home-made percussive instruments which dangle above them. If you click here, you can here some more of their stuff and download the excellent ‘Space and the Woods’ track. This video only adds to the strangeness of the band. It doesn’t make any sense but reminds me of the kind of videos pop bands would come out with in the early Eighties – ridiculous, extravagant, nonsensical, wonderfully strange videos. And this is one of them. And for that, you got to respect them.




3 responses

29 12 2008


11 04 2009

ahh. I love late of the pier. a lot.

26 08 2009

im not sure whether you love them or hate them.

i adore them, they are nothing like the klaxons.. the klaxons are meant to be the so called new rave band…. late of the pier.. not so much.

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