British Sea Power – No Lucifer

10 02 2008

Having written a couple of days ago about the strangeness of the Late of the Pier video, here’s another equally bizarre one. It’s for the next British Sea Power single, ‘No Lucifer’ from their album, ‘Do you like Rock Music?. The album’s pretty good – there are some great songs on it but what I’ve found interesting about the write-ups and reviews I’ve read for the album is that they’ve all been practically the same. Every single one talks about the bigness of the sound, the anthemic qualities of the songs, their unusual lyrical slants and how they’re so unlike other guitar bands because they like books and animals. And although the album is very enjoyable, I can’t help feeling that they’re actually very like a few other bands and that the album has a bit of a whiff of stadium rock about it. Stadium Rock with a pair of glasses and a monacle, perhaps, but stadium rock all the same. That’s not to take away from the quality of the songs, though and there are some magnificent songs on it that, even I , could imagine bellowing from the stands of some sporting ground.




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