Cap Pas Cap/These New Puritans – Crawdaddy

22 02 2008

Amazingly enough, I hadn’t managed to see Cap Pas cap properly before – I was at a house party that they played at a few years ago but the room was so packed that I was stuck in the kitchen attempting to hear them as they played in the adjoining living room. But I’m a big fan of the ‘Not Not is Fine’ EP and like everything else I’ve heard by them as well. They’re difficult to describe but it’s fairly obvious that they like loads of Post-Punk and No-Wave bands of the Late 70’s and Early 80’s. The new songs sounded solid, especially ‘We Are Men’ and I was particularly fond of the dual cowbell action. It was unfortunate for them that there wasn’t a huge crowd there when they were on and the atmosphere was a bit sedate. I look forward to checking out a headline show which I will promise myself to do next time they announce one. 

These New Puritans definitely share some of the same influences as Cap Pas Cap but their love for hip-hop really came across on Wednesday night’s performance. I’ve listened to ‘Beat Pyramid’ many times since I got it and the hip-hop influence hadn’t really struck me but it was really obvious the other night. And although they sound nothing like them, there is something about them that reminds me of Happy Mondays and other ealy 90’s post-acid house indie bands. But ‘Elvis’, ‘Swords of Truth’, ‘En Papier’ all shone out as top-class awkward pop numbers and it will be intriguing to see where they go next. I have a feeling that they could well be a band worth watching. Something tells me they’ll progress with their next record and evolve into a different type of band. However, I have been wrong in the past…




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