Bjork Wanderlust 2d Preview

25 03 2008

Here’s a 30 second preview of the new Bjork video for Wanderlust. This is in 2D but the finished article will be in 3D and will require special glasses for it all to make sense properly. I imagine it will be very impressive in 3D and all the wooly mammoths will appear as if they’re about to step into your eyes. To be honest, the most exciting thing about all of this is nothing to do with three-dimensional videos (sure, didn’t U2 invent them?) or wooly mammoths but the reminder that I will be seeing Bjork in concert in just over a month in Belfast. She’s one of the few living artists that I really admire that I have never seen live [Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin (though I may be better off not seeing him), Brian Eno are also on that list. And My Bloody Valentine but that omission will be be repaired in July]. I know she has played here several times through the years but somehow, she always slipped through the net. In a way it’s a shame she’s not playing Dublin though the requirement to travel helps make it a little bit extra-special.



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