Mumblin’ Deaf Ro

22 04 2008

I had two favourite Irish Records last year – one was ‘These Truly Are End Times’ by So Cow (whose new album is due any day now) and the other one was ‘The Herring & The Brine’ by Mumblin Deaf Ro’. There, quite rightly, were many comments of disbelief when Mumblin Deaf Ro’s album failed to turn up on the Choice Music Prize Shortlist. I pretty much swerve to avoid singer/songwriters as much as possible. The last thing I need to hear is some heartbroken fool babble on about his soul and the sea and the stars in the sky while he strums his sad little acoustic guitar. Thankfully, Ro doesn’t go anywhere near that clichéd bollocks, instead writing literary songs about training priests and the president of El Salvador and drowning men. It also contains one of my favourite couplets from recent times:

“I’m a groom to be in a Community Hall

Confused, Trying to learn how to waltz

And even though the band gets tired

The giggly couple stay giddy-eyed”

That’s actually four lines which makes it a quadruplet or something, rather than a couplet. My reason for posting about Ro, long after the release of the album is because he has recently posted a new track on his Myspace Page – Cade Calf Call – recorded for a Radio Na Lifé session. Go hÍontach agus go hÁillinn. Agus Cácá Milis.




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