Atmosphere – Guarantees

24 04 2008

Quite a few years ago, two young Irish guys rang up an American rapper they quite admired and asked if they could come visit him. The rapper probably thought nothing of it and never expected the blokes to actually come and visit. Lo and behold, the two guys flew to Minneapolis and arrived on the rapper’s doorstep. The rapper, probably bewildered by these youngsters who had travelled thousands of miles to meet him, politely put them up, showed them around and got them rather stoned. The two Irish guys in question were Messiah J (of Messiah J & The Expert) and DJ Flip (ITF Eastern Hemisphere 2003 Champion). The rapper was Slug of Atmosphere. He has since gone on to be rather a big deal, particularly in the States where he is responsible for a large amount of record sales. He is also behind Rhymesayers who have released records by Brother Ali, Eyedea & Abilities and MF Doom.  I met him and Brother Ali briefly at SXSW last year – they had come to see Messiah J & The Expert there – and he did indeed seem like a most friendly gentleman.

Atmosphere are about to release a new album, ‘When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold’ and here’s one of the tracks from it. It’s called ‘Guarantees’ and defies the hip-hop norms by having no beats – it’s just a couple of chords on an acoustic guitar and Slug. Good stuff…




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20 05 2008

best album yet

21 04 2010


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