Press Release Me, Let Me Go

25 04 2008

Quite a few press releases come my way. Most of them left unread, to be honest, or glanced over quickly for a few snippets of information. I have also noticed the increase in e-mailed press releases to me, which often get a few seconds longer of a glance than ones shoved inside a  plastic cover. But this week, I was sent the most pretentious press release I’ve ever read. It’s for an Irish band called Le Galaxie and reads like someone (probably the drummer) has vomited a thesaurus in an attempt to make them sound more interesting. It doesn’t do the band any justice and certainly doesn’t make me want to listen to their cd (which is grand – nice enough if not revolutionary. I’ve played them before on my show and plan to play them again this week. Had I read the press release before hearing the music, I may not have bothered). i realise they may have thought that the press release was amusing but you can tell it was written with a huge factor of smugness. Below you can read an extract from the press release:

After one previous attempt at harnessing music to power space exploration, the four members of Earth Council of the Galactic Mega, Le Galaxie, began experiments upon a technology previously unknown and un-channelled by musician kind. If successful, this technology could have incredible implications for the humans of planet Earth and its surrounding galaxies…
Thunderous, high energy, mega electro rock.  Borne from the burning embers of the critically acclaimed 66E, Le Galaxie release their second single We Bleed The Blood of Androids on Friday May 23rd. Converts can acquire this precious soul fuel from the usual internet outlets.  

Having written a few press releases in my time, I understand the difficulty in making a press release sound interesting but lines like “Converts can acquire this precious soul fuel from the usual internet outlets” make me feel mentally unwell. It is certainly the most obnoxious one I’ve ever read. The only other one that stands out was one I received a few years ago for an Irish band called Lost, who are now called Codes, as far as I know. And although that also seemed to be written by someone trying way too hard, it pales in comparison to this Le Galaxie one. Anyone got any prime examples of Press Release nonsense?




3 responses

26 04 2008
Leigh O'Gorman

I have received a few as well that tend to be one long unending sentence that ends up saying nothing. It may be too much effort to dig it out though…

…that and it’s in a different country

1 05 2008

I’ve been a little perturbed by Jape’s pr spiel over in England. I know Richie’s probably not the easiest person to sum up but….

“Talked about in haloed terms in his native Dublin, Jape is a new fiercely modernist song writing hero rising from the musical firmament in the Emerald Isle…..”

“His music mixes the one man and his ADAT machine wonkiness of Metronomy with a melody that sounds like a 1000 year-old folk song with 20th century lyrics….”

“Jape represents the next stop on the road travelled by Thin Lizzy, The Pogues, Van Morrison – an Irish sensibility fused with alien cultures. In this case globalised blogged-about electronic music as well as rock n roll (Richie spent his youth in the hardcore punk scene making Fugazi-type underground stuff)….”


2 05 2008
Jape - I Was A Man « GraveyardshiftShane

[…] be playing three or so tracks from it on my show at midnight on Phantom 105.2. I have just seen a comment made by Padraic expressing his concerns over the way Jape are being marketed over in the UK – somehow I don’t […]

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