Jape – I Was A Man

2 05 2008

He/They seem to be everywhere these days. Ray D’Arcy declared that if he had such a thing as a Single Of The Week, ‘I Was A Man’ would be it. Richie’s album ‘Ritual’ is released in a few weeks, after a very long gestation period. I (hopefully!!) will be playing three or so tracks from it on my show at midnight on Phantom 105.2. I have just seen a comment made by Padraic expressing his concerns over the way Jape are being marketed over in the UK – somehow I don’t think the press release Padraic speaks of would get the all-clear over here. But I have also come across this version of ‘I Was A Man’ recorded by Channel 6 for The Airfield Seesions. I think this is actually a better version than the mastered single mix. I’ve loved ‘I Was A Man’ for ages – knowing it from both his live shows and his Myspace page – but the single version just doesn’t have quite the oomph that I had hoped for. I still think it’s a fantastic song, however, so this is me just being a niggly pedant and I can’t wait to sit down with the album and have a proper listen to it.

This track also contains another excellent couplet: “I popped my cherry to ‘November Rain’/I think she liked it but don’t think she came”. Indeed.




One response

2 05 2008

So it’s not just me then re: the lack of oomph on the mastered version? Really didn’t think I’d end up preferring the MySpace demo. It’s not like there’s a massive difference but it’s a bit disappointing given just how good a song it is. The kind that could/should up Richie’s stock considerably.

Enjoying the album too. Not sure if it’s following the “road travelled by Thin Lizzy, The Pogues, Van Morrison” or not but there’s a cracking little song about Phil Lynott on there…

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