Halves – Medals

5 05 2008

I’ve been very much enjoying the new release by Halves, ‘Haunt Me When I’m Drowsy’. I’m not sure if it’s an EP or an album – it’s got seven tracks and lasts 32 minutes. I guess it’s a mini-album, though the new So Cow album (also very good) is shorter (28 minutes long) but with 11 songs and is most definitely an album. This is Halves’ second release – the first one kind of passed me by, which is probably a mistake on my part. But both of them have beautiful packaging although I seem to have already broken the elastic strap which clasps the package together.

I’m sure they’re sick of being described as Sigur Ros-esque so I’ll try not to mention it. This video was made by the Tisch School of Arts project who have previously made videos for most Irish bands that have ever existed and is an interestingly quirky video, though it seems to end before the song does. I haven’t seen the band live yet, so must add them to my list of bands to go and see. It seems 2008 is shaping up to be a really strong year for Irish music and we still (hopefully) have albums to come from Cap Pas Cap, Jape, The Vinny Club, Fight Like Apes, Messiah J & The Expert, Redneck Manifesto amongst others.




3 responses

6 05 2008

I’m not a big fan of Sigur ros but I do like the cracky/glitchy sound of this tune.

The video’s a bit mad now…

10 05 2008

Let’s say ‘mini-album’…
I am pretty scared that my elastic strap will break now though. 😦
Extra-care, extra-care…

15 05 2008

The EP is fantastic and has enormous lasting power. I was one of the lucky few who got an early copy and have been listening to it non-stop for almost 2 months now. No signs of it getting boring either.
The video is very cool although I was a bit puzzled that it ends a little before the song does.
Still though , funky stuff!

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