Late Of The Pier – Focker/Space And The Woods

11 05 2008

I posted about Late Of The Pier a while ago, enthusing about their ‘The Bears Are Coming’ song and promotional video. So here I am again, embracing their utter barminess. There are not enough bands willing to go out on a limb with their sheer ridiculousness but Late Of The Pier have done it with both sides of their new double A-side single, both of which can be seen above. ‘Space And The Woods’ has been doing the rounds for quite a while, as a free download on their Myspace site. But ‘Focker’ (the top video) is totally insane – it’s a tune that has heard Numan and Devo and music made on far-off planets that have yet to be named. And the video is bonkers to match, featuring as it does a weird tape machine/synth/boombox/robot hybrid. Absolutely brilliant stuff. Can’t wait to play this on the radio.

Excitingly enough, they are playing Dublin alongside Midnight Juggernauts in Crawdaddy on Sunday May 25th. Shame I’m gonna miss that. You can also download a remix of ‘Space And The Woods’ here.




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