Liverpool – Eric’s Club

8 06 2008

I’ve been cocking an ear to this BBC radio documentary about Eric’s Club and the Liverpool Music scene in the late 70’s and Early 80’s. It’s one of those oft-overlooked scenes, responsible for introducing the world to the likes of Teardrop Explodes, Echo & The Bunnymen, OMD, Pete Wylie and his various Wah! incarnations, Holly Johnson, Ian Broudie, Pete Burns, Bill Drummond amongst others. Apparently, there was a recent TV documentary about Eric’s Club on BBC Four (I think) which I unfortunately missed – though there was a Rock Family Tree episode about it in the late nineties. Also, Julian Cope’s ‘Head On’ book goes into great detail about that period which seemed to mainly consist of a load of gobby fuckers, pretty much all of whom hate Julian Cope. His book is a wonderful read, by the way, which along with the sequel ‘Repossessed’ are a fascinating insight into something – probably just the mad world of Julian Cope’s head rather than any musical insight-type shit. And if you ever geta chance to read Bill Drummond of The KLF’s book, 45, it’s another damn good read and he also tells some amusing stories about those times.

The Teardrops and The Bunnymen are my favourites of all those Liverpudlian groups (though OMD’s ‘Dazzle Ships’ is a terriffic record). Click here to listen to the BBC radio documentary and I’ve included three videos below – one of The Teardrop Explodes doing ‘Ha, Ha I’m Drowning’, a Tube-version of ‘The Bunnymen doing The Killing Moon’ featuring Ian McCullough with an extremely dodgy haircut and one of OMD reminiscing about Eric’s.



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16 06 2008

My first visit was to see The Ramones in 1977, which still holds as one of the best gigs I’ve seen. I was lucky enough to see so many emerging bands at Erics, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Another memorible night for me at least, was an eightenth birthday party with a band playing 60’s music, Mally Holmes was one of the two drummers , wih Pix on the guitar. Both former members of the Id. All dressed in black suits, backs to the audience, the drummers started with rice on the snare drums pumping out the beat, so far ahead of the time and yet so far behind. Just wonderful Rock ‘n’ Roll.
Another memorible night was seeing Peter Hamill in 79, when he colapsed on stage, only come back and finish the set in wonderful fashion.

16 06 2008

I’m very jealous, Mike. Wish I could have been at some of those gigs. Consider yourself lucky…

8 07 2008

long live the spirit may it always be remembered it was not just a club it was a way of life

24 09 2008

I humped the gear in at Erics for the Ramones gig…a magic moment.

16 01 2009

Amazing. Too much of an unknowing youngun to be at any of these gigs. But I’m trying to learn about it all. Amazing how important the whole movement was to British music, isn’t it? I’m trying to write about it, and get in contact with people who were performing then – especially those who went on to get somewehere. Drummond, and Wylie are in my list so far, but others are seeming more allusive. Can anyone help me get in contact with people? I want to show how important this all was, and to give fresh inspiration to musicians and individuals who similarly felt restricted until such a thing like Erics came along. Please help!

16 01 2009

Can anyone help me get in contact with people who were important back then, and those who went on to get wider recognition?


10 04 2009
Jaki Florek

Yep, Eric’s was a way of life…
and now the BIG FAT BOOK ‘Liverpool Eric’s – all the best clubs are downstairs, everybody knows that…’ is finished, printed, and available from
It is packed with photos, memories, and stuff you won’t read about anywhere else ever!!
Big Big thanks to all who contributed xxx

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