Clinic – The Witch

9 03 2008

Another new Clinic video and it’s pretty much business as usual. Certainly less of a diversion than the last one, ‘Free Not Free’ but still as pleasurable as ever. It’s taken from ‘Do It’ which comes out in April. It looks like it was probably shot in the same afternoon as the last video what with it’s swirling psychedelic lights.

Things may be a little quieter than usual around here for the next week or so but I’ll┬ádefinitely blog if I get the chance.

Clinic – Free Not Free

4 02 2008

Here’s the new video for Clinic’s new single – ‘Free Not Free’ which you can also download for free here, along with another track ‘Thor’. ‘Free Not Free’ is taken from their forthcoming album, ‘Do It’ which comes out in April and despite the distorted guitar chords at the beginning and the end is mostly a fairly laidback mellow tune, even featuring a flute! Clinic have this great trick, not unlike Stereolab and The Fall, of always sounding distinctly like themselves – almost like they have a uni-song no matter what style of music they put their hands to. I’m not sure if ‘Free Not Free’ was ironically chosen to be the free download single or if it’s a comment on the way music is currently going but either way it’s a rather fantastic tune and bodes well for their next album.