Playlist for Fri 6th June 2008

7 06 2008

Here’s the playlist for last night, Friday 6th June. I present a show every Friday at Midnight BST on Phantom 105.2 in Dublin and The ‘Under The Radar’ album was:


Super Furry Animals - Mwng




BECK – Chemtrails
SYMARIP – Skinhead Moonstomp
ELF POWER – Softly Through The Void
TRICKY – Council Estate
SIGUR ROS – Gobbledigook
GEMMA RAY – Dry River
SUPER FURRY ANIMALS – Ymaelodi A’r Ymylon
UGLY MEGAN – What’s My Name?
FLYING LOTUS – Comet Course

PORT O’ BRIEN – I woke up today
SUPER FURRY ANIMALS – Ysbeidiau Heulog
LEILA – Deflect
TOMORROW – My White Bicycle
JOHNNY FOREIGNER – Cranes and Cranes and Cranes and Cranes
JOHN MATTHIAS – Blind Lead The Blind
AUTUMN OWLS – Pavor Nocturnus
THE NAZZ – Open My Eyes
THE DODO’S – Red & Purple
WOLF PARADE – Bang Your Drum

DAEDELUS – I Car(ry) Us

Tonight! Phantom 105.2! Midnight!

23 05 2008

Tune into Phantom 105.2 tonight at Midnight BST on, Phantom 105.2 in Dublin or Channel 935 on your telly if you have UPC anywhere in Ireland to hear my show where I’ll be playing loads of great new music. Tonight’s show will include Adem, Sonny J, Wild Beasts, Late of The Pier, Laurel Collective, Jape, Halves and many more. I’ll also be playing 3 tracks from this week’s ‘Under The Radar’ album, ‘The Golden Age’ by Bobby Conn. Below, you can watch a classic by Bobby (not on ‘The Golden Age’ unfortunately) – ‘Never Get Ahead’.


On Phantom 105.2 at Midnight BST Tonight

16 05 2008

On tonight’s show on Phantom 105.2 in Dublin and on the worldwide interweb at Midnight BST, I’ll be playing the best in new music including the blindingly stupendous new single by Late of the Pier, new Wolf Parade, Atlas Sound, Fleet Foxes, Elf Power, Cap Pas Cap v Problums, Man Man, Jape and The Shortwave Set amongst others. The ‘Under The Radar’ album will be ‘Here Are The Sonics!!!’ by The Sonics (pictured above). Please tune in for fun and frolics…

New Irish Stuff – Jape, Crayonsmith, So Cow, The Jimmy Cake, The Vinny Club, Jeff Martin, Cap Pas Cap v Problums

12 05 2008

There seems to be a huge amount of great Irish stuff at the moment. This year, we’ve already had terrific releases from Halves, Enemies, Weakling & King, Chequerboard and Michael Knight. But in the last few weeks, I’ve got my hands on some exciting new Irish albums. Of course, one of the most anticipated Irish releases this year is the forthcoming Jape album, ‘Ritual’. It includes a bunch of songs you’ll recognise if you’ve seen Jape over the last few years but the sound is less dancey and more guitar-based than I would have expected. In fact, my favourite song on the record is the quietest one, ‘At The Heart Of All This Strangeness’ – it’s pretty much just Richie and an acoustic guitar and it’s quite a lovely tender moment. You can watch a recording of it here that he recorded for Popmat.

So Cow has just released his second album, ‘I’m Siding With My Captors’ which packs 11 songs into 28 minutes. There are some cracking songs on it, like ‘Commuting’, ‘Halcyon Days’ and ‘Off Out’ but it feels a little slight. I would have liked it to be a little longer and I think his previous album, ‘These Truly Are End Times’  is probably a stronger piece of work on the whole (but I may well change my mind about that). I think Mr. Cow has improved his popsongwriting skills and this is a tighter and better-recorded record and I have a feeling his third album will be rather special.

The Jimmy Cake‘s third album, ‘Spectre & Crown’ is another one that doesn’t quite stand up to their previous release for me but that’s probably because ‘Dublin Gone, Everybody Dead’ is one of my favourite Irish albums of all time. The track ‘Jetta’s Palace’ is one of the best things they’ve ever done and there are some beautiful moments on the record but it doesn’t quite hold together in quite the same way as ‘Dublin Gone, Everybody Dead’. It does, however, have a beautiful cover and is a superbly-produced record what with all of it’s chiming pianos. From The Jimmy Cake to The Vinny Club, who release their/his tribute album to Rocky IV (‘The Rocky IV Reckyrd’) at the end of the month. The album is another short one, coming in at just over 25 minutes but realistically recreates the world of 1983 and is full of songs that make your head feel like a robot and cause uncontrollable movements of the arms. This is a good thing. 

Jeff Martin (also of Halfset) released his album, ‘Spoons’ a couple of years ago but is just about to release an album of remixes, collaborations and interpretations by a host of other artists such as Isan, John McEntire, David Pajo, The High Llamas, Mice Parade, John Parish and many others. The guests I’ve mentioned will give you a good idea of what the record sounds like – it’s mostly rather laidback and very endearing. I have a feeling this is one that will grow in stature with each listen.

The Irish album that has impressed me most, however, is Crayonsmith‘s ‘White Wonder’. The album is packed full of top-notch pop songs, and the production is spot-on. Hopefully, this will gather word of mouth acclaim as it, unfortunately, seems to have not received the attention it deserves. Crayonsmith is the brainchild of Ciaran Smith who is joined by Ruadhan O’Meara and Ronan Jackson. You can watch my favourite song from the record below – ‘Bad Days Move On’.

And to end this Irish music round-up, here’s a link to hear a deadly remix of Cap Pas Cap‘s ‘Said Say It’ by Problums.

Deerhunter, Health, Other Bits & Bobs from the last few days

9 05 2008

Last night, I went to Health & Deerhunter in Whelans. Health are energetic, visually exciting and fucking loud but lacking in substance. And when I say substance, I mean tunes. Health exist in a world of feedback and distorted loops and layers upon layers of noise. Fun to watch but I know now that I never have to listen to their records, to be honest.

I had been looking forward to seeing Deerhunter, having missed their last show here.  And last night’s gig was a good, if fairly shambolic, performance. The problem was that I kinda expected more from them. I expected it to be more extreme, to be louder and more full-on. I wanted the extremeness of Health but with the tunes I’d expect from Deerhunter. They mostly concentrated on new material from their forthcoming album, ‘Microcastle’ (due at Halloween time). The new songs sounded good – poppier, almost Beatlesy at moments but they didn’t always go as far as I wanted them to. They seemed to stop short of climaxes. But the older stuff really shone for me – particularly ‘Strange Lights’. It just would have been nice to have heard a bit more old stuff. It was new guitarist, Whitney’s first gig and she seemed to fit in without any problems, spitting and leap-frogging and joining in on all manners of japes.

Speaking of which, I will be playing three songs tonight from Jape’s new album, Ritual, which is less dancier than you might expect but full of cracking tunes, all the same. I’ll also be playing tracks from the new Vinny Club tribute to Rocky IV, a track from the new Notwist record and the new Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan album and my ‘Under The Radar’ album will be ‘When’ by Vincent Gallo. So that’s all on at Midnight BST tonight (Friday May 9th) on and Phantom 105.2 in Dublin.

On Wednesday night, I saw Dan Le Sac v Scroobius Pip again and Messiah J & The Expert who played some of their new tunes. I’m really liking The Button Factory these days. The sound is pretty good and it’s a comfortable venue, no longer feeling like a Russian warehouse . More places could learn from this. It’s an example of a well-considered renovation.

Here’s a link to Deerhunter’s photos and blog from Dublin and below you can watch that very song I mentioned – ‘Strange Lights’.

Halves – Medals

5 05 2008

I’ve been very much enjoying the new release by Halves, ‘Haunt Me When I’m Drowsy’. I’m not sure if it’s an EP or an album – it’s got seven tracks and lasts 32 minutes. I guess it’s a mini-album, though the new So Cow album (also very good) is shorter (28 minutes long) but with 11 songs and is most definitely an album. This is Halves’ second release – the first one kind of passed me by, which is probably a mistake on my part. But both of them have beautiful packaging although I seem to have already broken the elastic strap which clasps the package together.

I’m sure they’re sick of being described as Sigur Ros-esque so I’ll try not to mention it. This video was made by the Tisch School of Arts project who have previously made videos for most Irish bands that have ever existed and is an interestingly quirky video, though it seems to end before the song does. I haven’t seen the band live yet, so must add them to my list of bands to go and see. It seems 2008 is shaping up to be a really strong year for Irish music and we still (hopefully) have albums to come from Cap Pas Cap, Jape, The Vinny Club, Fight Like Apes, Messiah J & The Expert, Redneck Manifesto amongst others.

Jape – I Was A Man

2 05 2008

He/They seem to be everywhere these days. Ray D’Arcy declared that if he had such a thing as a Single Of The Week, ‘I Was A Man’ would be it. Richie’s album ‘Ritual’ is released in a few weeks, after a very long gestation period. I (hopefully!!) will be playing three or so tracks from it on my show at midnight on Phantom 105.2. I have just seen a comment made by Padraic expressing his concerns over the way Jape are being marketed over in the UK – somehow I don’t think the press release Padraic speaks of would get the all-clear over here. But I have also come across this version of ‘I Was A Man’ recorded by Channel 6 for The Airfield Seesions. I think this is actually a better version than the mastered single mix. I’ve loved ‘I Was A Man’ for ages – knowing it from both his live shows and his Myspace page – but the single version just doesn’t have quite the oomph that I had hoped for. I still think it’s a fantastic song, however, so this is me just being a niggly pedant and I can’t wait to sit down with the album and have a proper listen to it.

This track also contains another excellent couplet: “I popped my cherry to ‘November Rain’/I think she liked it but don’t think she came”. Indeed.

Albums to look forward to in 2008

2 01 2008


My Bloody Valentine – Title TBC  Due Sometime 2008

Apparently, this is mostly done. According to Kevin Shields, it’s a continuation of the record they started in the mid-nineties, which he then described as ‘like drum & bass at 33RPM’ with some new tracks as well. Hopefully, it’ll be out in time for the gigs this summer which is all very exciting. There are some bands you’d hate to see recording together again (The Pixies, The Smiths)  but My Bloody Valentine are one band that just might pull it off.

Portishead – Title TBC (Rumoured Title: ‘Alien’) Due April 2008:

This looks like it could well be a stonker. They played some of the new material at their recent ATP appearance and reports all-round were excellent. You can see one of the tracks, Peaches here which is excellent and other tracks I’ve heard also seemed rather wonderful and very different for Portishead. Everything sounds much more upbeat and it seems like 60’s psychedelia may be a key influence on the record. But we’ll have to wait and see…

Goldfrapp - The Seventh Tree Goldfrapp – ‘Seventh Tree’  Due February 2008:

Having heard much of this, I have to say I’m really looking forward to it. I was a big fan of ‘Felt Mountain’ but have been fairly indifferent to anything since. But the new material is stripped-down and more ethereal with a Beatles/Cocteau Twins influence on the material I’ve heard. A&E is the first single to be released from the album and is already getting regular play on Phantom 105.2.

Los Campesinos – ‘Hold On Now Youngster’  Due February 2008:

It feels like a lifetime since I first heard their demo’s and got very excited by Los Campesinos!, which is unfortunate because a lot of their songs seem old to me now and they seem to be over-doing the twee factor the more I learn about them. But I’m still holding out hope that they’ll pull a great album out of the bag, I’ll forgive them their tweeness-overload and it’ll all be okay again. They play The Village on February 11th 2008

Cap Pas Cap  – Title TBC  Due Sometime 2008

They originally claimed that their album would be released in 2007 along with a split 7″ but neither made an appearance. In fact, their only release of the year was a re-press of their 2006 ‘Not Not Is Fine’ EP. Hopefully, it won’t take too much longer and we’ll be rewarded with releases in the near future. Hurry up, would you?

The Jimmy Cake The Jimmy Cake – ‘Spectre & Crown’  Due February 2008

The Jimmy Cake finally get around to releasing their follow-up to ‘Dublin Gone, Everybody Dead’, which is now six years old. They recently played some of the new tracks on The Indie Hour which sounded more piano-led and almost simpler than The Jimmy Cake you might be used to.

The Breeders: ‘Mountain Battles’  Due April 2008:

Steve Albini is involved and it includes a song in Spanish and a song in German. They play Dublin on April 7th 2008 in The Ambassador.

 Jape – Title TBC  Due: Feb/March 2008

Another one that fells like it’s taken an age to come out but hopefully it will be well worth the wait. Presumably, their current set will make up the bulk of the record which has to be a good sign. Songs like ‘Gimme Some More’, ‘I Was A Man’ and ‘Strike Me Down’ are all absolute stompers so it’s hard to see how this one can fail.

Wild Beasts – Title TBC  Due: Sometime 2008

Wild Beasts are a band that a lot of people are going to despise. Funny high-pitched vocals, bizarre lyrics and a general atmosphere of feyness abounds but I think they’re one of the most exciting new bands around. All three singles to date have been first class so I can’t wait to see what they do with a full-length.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Title TBC  Due: Hopefully 2008

Dexy’s are a long-time favourite of mine and ‘Searching For The Young Soul Rebels’ is one of my favourite albums ever. I saw a re-formed Dexy’s a few years ago and was sorely disappointed and this is a record I would have been worried about except that the new song Kevin Rowland has up on his Myspace page (‘It’s OK Johanna’) is fantastically deadly so perhaps all is not lost yet.

Foals Foals – Antidotes  Due: March 2008

This is a band that could still go either way for me. I have loved some of their tracks while others have left me cold. I’m glad to see that the tracklisting includes the track that got me excited about them in the first place – ‘The French Open’ and doesn’t include the underwhelming single, ‘Mathlethics’.

Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend  Due: Jan 2008

They certainly stick out like a sore thumb from everything else that’s going on at the moment with their Afro-Beatles sound. You’re going to hear about them constantly for the next few months and endless reviews mentioning Paul Simon’s Graceland album but if their debut is as good as ‘Mansard Roof’ and new single ‘A Punk’, then it could well be worth the hype.

The Smiths – Boxset  Due: Late 2008

Johnny Marr confirmed towards the end of the year that he and Morrissey are compiling a boxset supposedly due for relese in 2008. Marr hoped it would include unreleased versions of tracks including some of the never-officially released Troy Tate demos and alternate versions and unrelesaed session versions of tracks. It won’t feature any new tracks but it may also include a DVD of unreleased live footage of the band.

Messiah J & The Expert – Title TBC  Due: Summer 2008 

I have to declare an interest here as I’m involved with the band  (See here) but I have heard a lot of the album and I think it sounds very exciting.

Other bands/artists that will hopefully release new records this year include Boards of Canada, Stereolab, Joanna Newsom, Broadcast, Edan and Boom Bip (His ‘Sacchrilige’ EP of last year was the best thing he’s ever done but I’m less keen on Neon Neon, his recent collaboration with Gruff Rhys). There’s always a few surprises and I’m sure this time next year I’ll be praising albums from 2008 by artists I don’t even know exist yet. That’s the fun part.

Jape – Crawdaddy 23/11/07

24 11 2007

“Who the fuck wants to be on a label with The Stereophonics?”

That was Richie Egan’s statement towards the end of Friday night’s Crawdaddy Gig as after just one E.P. (‘Jape is Grape’), he is no longer on V2 Records. He was happy to announce that he has moved to CoOp Records, which seems to be an indie record label cooperative which is backed by V2.

It must be a frustrating time for Richie/Jape – an album pretty much in the can for quite a while with songs he’s been playing for a few years, release dates constantly delayed and then just as it’s all ready to go, V2 close down in Ireland. But apparently the album is still to be released early next year as planned and going by last night’s gig, it should live up to expectations. The current Jape incarnation is a very different beast to that of ‘Cosmosphere’ or even, ‘The Monkeys in the Zoo Have More Fun Than Me’. The current sound has all systems set to New Order (no bad thing) but the songs are wittier, stronger and more direct than ever. Where, in the past, ‘Floating’ used to stick out in their set as the obvious highlight, it is now overshadowed by the likes of ‘I was a Man’, ‘Gimme Some More’ and ‘Strike Me Down’. One quiet solo acoustic song managed to get the crowd to shut up until Richie got the crowd to join in for a singalong chorus. ‘Christopher And Anthony’ seems to have inherited a superb African guitar coda not present on the studio version and the latter half of ‘Floating’ has morphed into a gurning rave monster. No complaints here.

It will be interesting to see how the lads fare outside of Ireland and if they get the success they deserve. Judging by their current set of tunes and clobber, they may well get pigeonholed as a Nu-Rave act, alongside the likes of Hot Chip and Klaxons, although that may not be where their mindset is. But it will be the festivals where Jape will really get the chance to shine and win hearts, minds and pelvises the world over. Here’s hoping. 

Footage of Jape performing ‘Gimme Some More’ at the T1 Ramp in Austin, Texas above

Murkey Nights/Rarely Seen Above Ground

18 11 2007

I saw one of the most amusing things that I’ve seen in a long time last night. I went to Murkey Nights 2 in Tailor’s Hall – a beautiful Georgian An Taisce building opposite Mother Redcaps. It was a club/dance/rave night thingy in two rooms featuring various DJ’s and a few bands. But after Messiah J & The Expert’s set, the band room was invaded by firemen. One fireman was checking the fire escape and saw that it was locked and blocked by a sound desk. As he attempted to get the place shut down, four or five firemen started raving to some techno while the crowd chanted, “The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on fire” along to the music. I don’t think the concerned fire chief was very impressed. It was one of those almost unreal cinematic moments that happen all so rarely. Minutes later, the room was cleared and the partying was confined to the one room downstairs. However, very shortly after that (just as I was leaving) five cop cars arrived, sirens blazing, to shut the place down.

But before Messiah J & The Expert, I saw a set by an intriguing one man band-drummer guy who calls himself Rarely Seen Above Ground. He performs with a video screen behind him featuring a virtual band while he sings and drums away in a vaguely mental fashion. Unfortunately, due to rotten sound last night, it took away from the total effect but he is supporting Jape over the coming weeks so it might be a good chance to catch him in a better situation.  

I’ve included some footage above of him so you can get an idea of his percussion madness. I’m always impressed by drummers that can sing at the same time (apart from Phil Collins) and the video footage of the virtual band is a nice touch. There’s not much of the video band in this clip but you should get some idea of his Can-like sounds.

His upcoming gigs are: 

22 Nov  UCD, Dublin (with Jape)

24 Nov  Ping Pong @ The Liquid Lounge, Cork

5 Dec  Cypress Avenue, Cork (with Jape)

6 Dec  Dolans, Limerick (with Jape)

Playlist for Friday 16/11/07 (Technically Sat 17/11/07)

17 11 2007

This is the playlist for my show last night at Midnight on Phantom 105.2 or It’s on every Friday night at Midnight (so technically it’s a Saturday). I play mostly new music with some oldies thrown in  and every week there’s a featured ‘Under The Radar’ album. This week it was:



Correcto – Joni
Les Savy Fav – Raging in the Plague Age
Jeffrey Lewis – Do They Owe Us A Living?
My Bloody Valentine – Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)
Wild Beasts – Assembly
Future of the Left – Suddenly, it’s a folk song
Terrordactyl – Hikikomori
Menomena – Weird
The Teardrop Explodes – Reward (BBC Session version) [VIDEO BELOW]

Psapp – Rear Moth
Frank Sinatra – She Says
The Royal We – That Ain’t My Sweet Love
The Cats – Swan Lake
Jape – Young Man
Caribou – She’s The One (Hot Chip Remix)
Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen
O’Death – Down To Rest [VIDEO BELOW]

Grizzly Bear – Shift (Alternate Version)
Little Anthony & The Imperials – Can You Imagine
Frank Sinatra – Goodbye (She Quietly Says)
Liars – Houseclouds
Large Mound – I hate all my friends
Poppy & The Jezebels – The Lips of Cleopatra
Black Box Recorder – Child Psychology
Frank Sinatra – Michael & Peter
Dry County – Another Idea
Johann Johannson – Odi et Amo [LIVE PERFORMANCE BELOW]

New Order – Regret
Tim Gane/Sean O’Hagan – Ecrivain ou Professeur?

On Tonight’s Show…

16 11 2007

On tonight’s show, I’ll probably be audibly grinning from ear to ear due to my glee about obtaining My Bloody Valentine tickets. And I’ll  be playing new tunes by Correcto, Wild Beasts, Jeffrey Lewis, Jape, Future of the Left, Large Mound, Les Savy Fav, O’ Death and Holy Fuck amongst others. I’ll also have a Peel Session version of ‘Reward’ by Teardrop Explodes and a ska version of ‘Swan Lake’ as well as three songs from this week’s featured ‘Under The Radar’ album, ‘Watertown’ by Frank Sinatra. The show starts at Midnight on Phantom 105.2 or

I’ve included the video for ‘Joni’ by Correcto, new Domino signings who feature a member of Franz Ferdinand and The Royal We in their ranks. Enjoy!

Redneck Manifesto

9 11 2007

Jape is a busy man these days what with his new ‘Jape is Grape’ EP and becoming a YouTube phenomenon due to his “controversial” video for ‘Floating’ (Who would have thought so many people would get annoyed about flying fruit?). But he’s making time for a Redneck Manifesto gig in Whelan’s on December 20th. Should be great.

Here’s ‘No-one plans Eleven’ to get you in the mood