Monade – Regarde

26 03 2008

Stereolab have been very quiet of late – partially due to the break-up of Laetitia Sadier and Time Gane’s relationship but also due to their various side projects. Tim Gane released a pretty soundtrack for La Vie D’Artiste along with High Llamas’ man Sean O’ Hagan last year and now Laetitia Sadier has put out another Monade album, ‘Monstre Cosmic’. It’s not a million miles away from the sadder/more beautiful aspects of Stereolab but is less groovecentric than they often are. Monade played here a couple of weeks ago but I was away so sadly missed it – Anyone make it? How was it?

Here’s a video for the lead single from the album, ‘Regarde’. Now, bring on the next Stereolab album!