We Are Wolves – Upstairs in Whelans

28 05 2008

I went to see We Are Wolves last night Upstairs in Whelans. There wasn’t a huge turnout for them but it was a bit of a miserable summer Tuesday night. They took to the stage in bizarre inexplicable costumes, though they were shed by about the fourth number. Their sound is a synth-heavy sleaze attack, not unlike a punk-influenced Add N To (X). Melodies are few on the ground but energy levels are rather high. Their energy is actually rather infectious and it was entertaining enough. Unfortunately, the band suffer due to the fact that they’ve pretty much forgotten to write any songs. As my friend pointed out to me during the gig, their songs are just middle eights. They’re pretty great middle eights, to be fair, but they don’t have any verses or choruses which is a bit of a shame because if they managed to write choruses as good as their middle eights they could be a very good band. Above, you can see an interview with the band for Watchmojo.com