Clinic Live In Session

2 06 2008

Here’s a couple of videos featuring the marvellous Clinic in session at the spacious studios for 89.3 The Current. They perform two of my favourite songs from their current album, ‘Do It’ – them being Emotions and Shopping Bag. They sound pretty much as you’d expect but that’s the make of a great band, I think. Most of my favourite bands have a very distinctive sound – many of them, such as Stereolab, Clinic, The Fall, New Order, etc. are often accused of only having one tune. But if it’s a fucking great tune, I don’t really care.

Clinic – Free Not Free

4 02 2008

Here’s the new video for Clinic’s new single – ‘Free Not Free’ which you can also download for free here, along with another track ‘Thor’. ‘Free Not Free’ is taken from their forthcoming album, ‘Do It’ which comes out in April and despite the distorted guitar chords at the beginning and the end is mostly a fairly laidback mellow tune, even featuring a flute! Clinic have this great trick, not unlike Stereolab and The Fall, of always sounding distinctly like themselves – almost like they have a uni-song no matter what style of music they put their hands to. I’m not sure if ‘Free Not Free’ was ironically chosen to be the free download single or if it’s a comment on the way music is currently going but either way it’s a rather fantastic tune and bodes well for their next album.

Christmas Special Programme!

14 12 2007

On my show on Phantom 105.2 (in Dublin or everywhere) tonight, Friday 14th December, I’ll be hosting a Christmas Musical Extravaganza Special like no other with tunes by the likes of Mogwai, Clinic, Sparks, Marvin Gaye, The Fall, Low, The Jimmy Cake, Durutti Column and many more. The ‘Under The Radar’ album is Phil Spector’s ‘A Christmas Gift For You’. The show is on between Midnight and 2AM.

Above, you can watch Ex-Arab Strap man Malcolm Middleton’s attempt at a Christmas Number One with the cheery, “We’re All Going To Die”.

These New Puritans – Elvis

12 12 2007

A band named after a Fall song. Just signed to Domino Records. They cite Wu Tang Clan as an influence. How can it fail?

Well, quite easily, I suppose. But luckily for them, they don’t. They’re called These New Puritans and this is a video for their first Domino single, ‘Elvis’, due out in January, as is their debut album, ‘Beat Pyramid. I think it’s ace.

Black Box Recorder Vs Art Brut

15 11 2007

I remember buying ‘Showgirl’ by The Auteurs when it was first released. Having been raised on The Beatles, it made a lot of sense to me and Luke Haines’ lyrics were funny, without being comedic.

Eddie Argos, of Art Brut, on the other hand is a bit of a comic genius. His lyrics are laugh-out-loud funny. Mr. Argos has the ability to perfectly summarise the things that go on in the male mind that you’re supposed to keep to yourself, in an almost Larry David-esque fashion.

The Auteurs didn’t just have one song, however. They continued with ‘New Wave’ and a series of great albums, particularly the completely under-rated Albini-produced ‘After Murder Park’. And Luke Haines’ talent wsan’t confined to one band – he was also the brains behind Baader Meinhof and Black Box Recorder. Their first single, ‘Child Psychology’ repeated the ‘Showgirl’ trick of matching a great tune with quick wit. Indeed, Mr. Haines announced at the time that the chorus of “Life is unfair. Kill yourself or get over it”  was the best chorus ever written. This, is indeed debatable. It is a damn fine chorus but I think the title is a toss-up between Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, “Totally Wired” by The Fall and some song that will occur to me at 4.35 this afternoon.

So, why have I written some paragraphs about Luke Haines with a bit about Eddie Argos in the middle? Well, in a musical masterstroke, Eddie Argos has teamed up with Black Box Recorder, under the name ‘The Black Arts’ for a Christmas single entitled “Christmas Number One” – Of Course! What else would they call it?

If they did manage to bag the top spot, it would surely be one of the glorious pop moments of recent times. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen and they’ll probably reach No. 36 while some X-Factor retard is perched on top.

Above, you’ll find clips for ‘Child Psychology’ by Black Box Recorder, Art Brut’s ‘Direct Hit’ and ‘Showgirl’ by The Auteurs.