Radiohead do Portishead’s ‘The Rip’

10 06 2008

I didn’t manage to see Radiohead at the weekend (A moral choice. I refuse to pay for overpriced tickets) and have heard very mixed reports but instead, here’s a great clip of Radiohead covering my favourite track (‘The Rip’) off the excellent new Portishead album (Third). True, it doesn’t have the deadly synth bit that’s on the original but still, well worth checking out.

Portishead Webcast

23 04 2008

The new Portishead album (‘Third’) is getting fairly mixed/mediocre reviews and I have only heard it once through via a leak someone played me in America. But I really liked it on that sole listen. And it struck me as the kind of album you probably need to live with to really appreciate. I didn’t like the single, ‘Machine Gun’ on first listen but I think it’s rather deadly now. Below, you’ll see a webcast that the band have done and again, I think the songs sound great. Perhaps reviewers are just giving them a hard time because (a) it took them ten years and (b) it works against the expectations of what a Portishead album ‘should’ be and that’s what I, personally, love seeing bands do – giving people something different than they expected. Unfortunately, that’s a rare occurence these days.

I still have to hear the album properly, I guess. I may come back and admit the critics were right but I hope they’re not…